June 15, 2024
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Montenegro: Disconnecting of TTP Pljevlja from the grid will not endanger electricity supply

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According to announcements, due to reconstruction in 2025, Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant (TPP) will not work for six to seven months, which is why the energy system will lack 500-600 gigawatt hours of electricity. Montenegro’s power supplier (EPCG) plans to complete the Gvozd wind power plant and several solar power plants by then, but there will still be a need for imports.

CdM asked Minister Mujovic how the announced disconnection of the thermal power plant for more than half a year would affect the electricity supply system and whether there would be problems with the electricity supply.

“First, let’s start with the most important thing – the supply of consumers in Montenegro will not be threatened in any way, but will be reliable and of high quality during the entire period of downtime in the operation of the thermal power plant. Second, it is planned that the shutdown of Pljevalj TPP for reconstruction will also include two months when the regular annual overhaul is carried out so that the additional downtime is realistically about four months”, Mujovic has told CdM.

When it comes to the missing amounts of electricity when Pljevlja TPP is not operational, the minister underlines that EPCG will provide the missing amounts of electricity partly from its sources by adjusting the accumulation in the lakes.

“We also expect the Gvozd wind power plant to be put into operation in 2025. The rest of the quantities will be provided from imports”, notes the minister.


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