June 23, 2024
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Greece: Tender for studies on Greece-Egypt Interconnector launched

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The GREGY initiative, i.e. the Green Interconnector between Greece and Egypt, is inviting expressions of interest in conducting studies on the project. ELICA Mediterranean Electrical Interconnection S.M. S.A., part of the Copelouzos Group spearheading the GREGY power interconnection, has issued the initial two calls for expressions of interest for the final studies of the project.

These calls have been disseminated through Greek and international media channels, as well as on the company’s website, to solicit “Desktop Studies” to determine the optimal submarine cable route and landing points in both countries. Additionally, technical analysis of the project and studies for calculating benefit indicators and cost-benefit analysis are being sought.

The GREGY project, listed in the European Union’s 1st PCI/PMI list, entails interconnecting the electricity systems of Egypt and Greece through an HVDC connection with a capacity of 3,000 MW. This aims to transmit 100% green energy from Egypt to Greece and Europe.

The publication of these calls marks the progression of the GREGY project, aiming to expedite its implementation as a significant national and European endeavor. The electricity interconnection between Greece and Egypt signifies a significant advancement in Mediterranean energy interconnections and enhances Greece’s role in the energy landscape of Southeast Europe.

Interested parties have until May 31st, 2024, to submit their expressions of interest for the initial two tenders.

As part of several Africa-Europe interconnection projects leveraging solar energy from Africa for Southeast Europe and beyond, the GREGY project is projected to commence operations from 2030 onwards, solarquarter.com reported.


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