June 19, 2024
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Greece: Mixed RES auction planned for September

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According to the latest ministerial decision, the mixed RES auction in Greece is planned to be staged in September. Its official announcement, by RAAEY, the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water, is expected to be made in mid-August.

The intention to stage the next mixed RES auction in September is not coincidental as, judging by the latest indications, the authority will be focused on staging an inaugural auction for energy storage units over the preceding two months.

RAAEY expects to announce the forthcoming auction for standalone batteries a little after mid-June. Bids by participants are expected to face an early-July deadline.

September’s RES auction is planned as three sections, one each for solar and wind energy facilities, plus a combined section.

Starting prices for the mixed RES auction have been set at 54 euros per MWh for solar energy facilities and 63 euros per MWh for wind energy units, while a maximum capacity of 1,200 MW will be offered, including approximately 460 MW that was left over from a mixed RES auction in September 2022.

The RES auction for solar energy units will open to small-scale facilities with up to 1 MW capacities. Investors behind these projects will bid for tariffs representing a total capacity of 200 MW at a starting price of 70 euros per MWh.

The RES auction for wind energy units will be open to small-scale units of up to 6 MW. A total of 100 MW will be offered at a starting price of 83 euros per MWh.


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