June 21, 2024
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Greece, Joint venture of PPC and RWE announces tender for 191 MW PV power plant

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Meton Energeiaki is looking for a contractor for a 191 MW solar park project near a former coal-fired power plant in northern Greece. The joint venture of the German RWE Renewables and the Greek power company PPC has almost 1 GW of photovoltaic plants in preparation.

It took a long time to formalize the partnership, but now leading electricity producers from Germany and Greece are racing to put their planned photovoltaic projects online. Meton Energeiaki, a join vetnure founded by RWE Renewables and PPC Renewables based in Athens, has brought the 191 MW solar park project to the contractor selection stage.

The PV power plant should be located in Amintaj, in the region of Western Macedonia, where the former 600 MW lignite power plant of the parent company PPC is located. Meton Energeiaki has several solar parks in preparation, with a combined capacity of almost 1 GW, while the target is 2 GW.

The German subsidiary RWE holds 51% of the joint venture, and PPC Renewables controls the rest. The Greek government sold its majority stake last year by selling its stake in PPC, but retained a so-called blocking majority.

PPC is currently building 387 MW of renewable energy capacity

According to the report, the solar park is planned to be completed in two years. For two more projects, applications for permits have been submitted and technical preparations are underway, and they should be put into operation within two and a half years. One photovoltaic power plant has a planned capacity of 299 MW and the other 450 MW.

PPC signed separate 2 GW contracts with the Cantreva group

In its annual report for 2021, PPC revealed that it had recently signed contracts with three companies from the Cantreva group, for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for a 2 GW solar energy portfolio in Greece. The company is currently building 387 MW of renewable energy capacity, of which 345 MW is photovoltaic, 34 MW wind, and the rest a small hydropower plant, the report added.

PPC President and CEO Georg Stasis said that the tenders for the 500 MW and 94 MW photovoltaic power plants in Ptolemaida are in the final stages of preparation and that the tender for wind energy in northern Greece is at an advanced stage.

The company’s goal is to increase its capacity of installed renewable energy, mainly solar, to almost 5 GW. PPC also provided production licenses for a total of 1.05 GW for energy storage and 44 MW for floating solar power plants.

Source: balkangreenenergynews.com


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