June 12, 2024
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Europe: Solar energy production reached an all-time record in Portugal in week 14

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According to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, in the first week of April, prices fell in the main European electricity markets, with most of them below €50/MWh. Photovoltaic energy reached an all‑time production record in Portugal and the second-highest value ever in Italy. In France, wind energy registered the second and third-highest production for an April month. In addition to increases in solar energy in most markets and wind energy in some of them, lower demand and lower gas and CO2 prices contributed to the fall in electricity market prices.

In the week of April 1, solar energy production increased in most major European electricity markets compared to the previous week. The Italian market registered the largest increase, 76%, followed by a 60% increase in the Spanish market. The Portuguese and French markets registered increases of 35% and 25%, respectively. The German market was the exception, with solar energy production down 1.4% for the week as a whole, reversing the upward trend of the last two weeks.

On April 4, the Portuguese market set an all‑time record for solar photovoltaic energy production, with 16 GWh produced using this technology. The Italian market also set a milestone for photovoltaic energy production on April 6, with the second-highest value in history, 119 GWh, only 190 MWh below the all‑time record set on June 17, 2023.

For the second week of April, according to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting’s solar energy production forecasts, solar energy production will increase in Germany and Spain, while in Italy it will decrease, AleaSoft Energy Forecasting reports.

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