June 23, 2024
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Europe: Solar energy production reached an all-time record in Portugal and Italy in week 17

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According to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting, in the week of April 29, prices in the main European electricity markets fell compared to the previous week. The exception was the Iberian MIBEL market, where prices rose, although they were the lowest again for the thirteenth consecutive week. Most markets registered negative hourly prices. Portugal and Italy broke the historical records for solar photovoltaic energy production over the weekend. Also in Italy, wind energy reached a record for May on the 3rd. Electricity demand fell in all markets.

In the week of April 29, solar energy production increased in the German and Italian markets for the second consecutive week. The German market registered the largest increase, 15%, while in the Italian market the increase was 11%. On the other hand, in the French and Portuguese markets, solar energy production fell by 13% and 8.0%, respectively. In the Spanish market, solar energy production, which includes photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy, fell by 0.5%, breaking the upward trend registered over the last four weeks.
Despite the overall lower solar energy production in Portugal during the first week of May, on Saturday, May 4, the historical record for daily solar photovoltaic energy production was broken again, with 18 GWh. The Italian market also set an all‑time record for production using this technology one day later, on Sunday, May 5, with 134 GWh of solar photovoltaic energy generation.
For the week of May 6, according to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting’s solar energy production forecasts, it will decrease in Italy and Spain. However, solar energy production will continue to increase in Germany, AleaSoft Energy Forecasting reports.

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