June 16, 2024
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EPS at forum in Geneva

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General manager of EPS Dragomir Markovic, presented on Monday at the Forum on Europe’s energy future in Geneva, strategic and development projects of power industry of Serbia,and stand of EPS was visited by general director for energy,of European Union,Lou Filip.

Markovic participated in a panel discussion “The risk versus reward”, about investment opportunities in specific energy projects, primarily in the use of renewable sources.

EPS is the only electric power company in the region, that presented its development projects with European companies, it was stated in EPS.

Representatives of the bankers, consultants and analysts agreed that it’s early for optimistic forecasts , but that period of greater investment in energy comes.

Markovic informed  panel participants about the projects in which EPS is planning to invest means, as well as on how the money will be provided for them.

“The most important projects are power plant” Kolubara B “and the third block of power plant ” NikolaTesla ” and a gas plant in Novi Sad, for which the tender should be completed in mid-December, “said Markovic.

“Special emphasis is on large hydro power plants projects on the Velika Morava  with  German RWE and projects on river Ibar with SECI  Italy. Electricity from these facilities will be sold at incentive tariffs. The plan is that until  2015th  year from renewable sources we have from 100 to 200 megawatts of new capacity, ” said Markovic.

Electricity from these facilities, as pointed out Markovic, will be sold at incentive tariffs. The plan is that until  2015th   from renewable sources we have from 100 to 200 megawatts of new capacity.

Markovic presented Hydro power plants projects on the upper and middle Drina which work together with the Republic of Srpska, as well as the modernization project and construction of new small HE, which enters in the first phase of implementation owing to the credit of the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

“We expect soon start of construction of the first wind farm in the area of  Kostolac,” said Markovic.

Stand of EPS, which is in the center of the exhibition of the Forum on energy future,visited  Philip Lou,director general for energy of the European Union.

“Renewable energy sector in Serbia is very active and it is clear that your country is about to become part of the European energy market, which is very good,” explained Lou.

“Serbia has a central role in the construction of  interconnections in Southeast Europe, and it will always have the support of the European Union. EPS has many projects in the use of renewable sources. These projects are not large, but they are definitely more advanced, “he said.




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