June 16, 2024
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EPS and Merkel visit

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During the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to  Serbia there was not any signing of contracts between the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) and Germany’s RWE, told to Balkan magazine, general director  of EPS Dragomir Markovic.

“Treaty establishing a joint company to build hydropower plants on the Morava river between EPS and RWE Innogy has already been signed and the contract of members of society,” recalled Markovic.

The company is founded and while they study and work following administrative operations headquarters will be in Belgrade, said Markovic, and when building starts all moves to Cuprija.

Asked at what stage in the construction of hydropower projects on the Drina, where RWE is also a partner of Serbia, Markovic said that the German company filed an application in the tender announced by the Serbian Electric Power Industry of the Republic, and arrived at the application of one Greek and one Chinese company .

We should wait to see who will choose the EP RS, Markovic said, because in this project we are guests.

“The upper part of the Drina is complete in the RS. If the in  Serbian Republic company RWE  is elected, then the project “Upper Drina” was triple the job, “explained Markovic.

According to him, EPS, is, in this business partner with RS EP, “with RWE have signed a Memorandum of joint participation in HE ‘Upper Drina'”.

Source: FoNet



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