June 21, 2024
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Croatia: Small commercial consumers require further regulation of electricity and gas prices

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The Croatian Chamber of Commerce submitted a request to the government for the continuation of support measures related to the regulation of electricity and natural gas prices for small businesses. HOK added that the continuation of a positive trend in Croatian entrepreneurship will not be possible without the extension of support measures.
The discontinuation of these support measures would mean the end of a large number of businesses and their inability to sustain profitable operations. In light of this, HOK proposes the extension of measures limiting electricity prices in the same manner to ensure stability and predictability of costs for businesses.
It is important to note that gas bills have, in some cases, increased by up to 60%, posing a serious threat to the sustainability of businesses. HOK calls for additional measures to mitigate rising gas prices and it would particularly support the application of a similar model as applied to electricity to ease the burden that gas consumption will present during the upcoming autumn and winter.
HOK President Dalibor Kratohvil said that the organisation consistently emphasises that the government’s abovementioned measures have enabled the continuation of operations for a significant number of businesses, resulting in an 8% increase in the number of businesses compared to the previous year and the employment of 10,000 more individuals. Through this request, HOK urges the government to once again protect and promote domestic businesses, ensuring their development and safeguarding the employment of a large number of individuals, totaling 229,000.


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