June 21, 2024
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Croatia: Renewable output reached 6.2 TWh in H1

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The total electricity production in Croatia in the first six months amounted to 8,667 GWh, of which production from nonrenewable sources reached 2,438 GWh or 28% and renewable sources accounted for 6,229 GWh, or 72%, according to the Association of Renewable Energy Sources (OIEH).

The data from the Croatian electricity distribution system operator shows that the number of installed solar capacities in Croatia is growing month by month and reached 305.8 MW on 1 June.

In June, solar power plants accounted for a share of 2.2 % in the generation mix, while last year that share was less than 1 %. Wind power plants had a slightly weaker performance in June, producing 142 GWh of electricity and achieving a 10.3 % share in the generation mix, compared to the 14 % achieved in May.

It is evident that during the month of June, daily consumption and peak load were highly variable due to weather conditions. There was exceptionally high production from hydropower plants, especially run-of-river hydroelectric plants utilizing water inflows.

TPP Plomin operated at full capacity in June after its annual overhaul. Gasfired power plants operated with increased production. Due to the high production from hydro, wind, and solar power plants, it was necessary to export electricity throughout the month.

As a result, Croatia was a net exporter of electricity amounting to 28 GWh in June due to higher production compared to consumption. The average production of wind power plants in June was 207.2 MWh/h, while the maximum production reached 782 MWh/h, and the maximum capacity factor was 79.8 %. The capacity factor for the first six months of this year was 30.5 %, which is 1.8 % better than the multi-year average.

The total electricity turnover in the Croatian power system for the first six months of this year amounted to 13,091 GWh, of which available energy or demand accounted for 10,178 GWh or 77.8 % of the turnover, and transit accounted for 2,913 GWh or 22.2 % of the turnover. The total electricity consumption amounted to 8,954 GWh, with domestic consumption amounting to 8,894 GWh, and pumped hydro storage consumption at 60 GWh.

NPP Krsko produced 1,511 GWh in the same period.

Since available energy exceeded consumption by 1,224 GWh, these surpluses were exported to foreign markets.


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