June 21, 2024
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Croatia: INA inked two agreements on RES projects

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INA has signed two contracts – one for the construction of a green hydrogen plant at the Rijeka Refinery, and another one for a biomethane production facility in Sisak. The combined value of these two new strategic projects is 98 million euros. Construction of plants is expected to be completed in 2026.

INA’s new projects will significantly contribute to the company’s green transition efforts. The first one is an installation of a 10 MW electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen at the Rijeka Refinery, coupled with a solar power plant that would partially power the production unit. 

By producing green hydrogen, which is meant for use in transportation, INA will become the first producer of commercial green hydrogen in Croatia. A contract for the delivery of key equipment has been signed with a domestic company IVICOM Consulting.

The second project refers to the industrial location in Sisak where INA is planning to build a facility for the production of biomethane, mostly from agricultural residues (straw, manure, slurry) and different types of biodegradable waste. The produced biomethane could be delivered to the gas system of Croatia, while the residue remaining from production could be used as an ecologically acceptable fertilizer. 

A turnkey contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of a biomethane plant was signed with Biogest, the international biomethane and biogas plant manufacturer headquartered in Austria.


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