June 23, 2024
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Croatia, Drop in spot price by 45 percent, to 136.9 euros per MWh, record volume on IDM in January

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The average spot price of electricity on the day-ahead market of the Croatian stock exchange CROPEX in January 2023 was 136.9 euros per MWh, which is 45 percent less than the 246.7 euros per MWh recorded in December last year, according to monthly report of operator CROPEX.

In the same period, the day-ahead price for peak load fell from 308.6 euros per MWh in December to 165.9 euros per MWh in January.

The total volume of trade on CROPEX in January was 803,770 MWh. Of that, 643,523 MWh were traded on DAM, which is about 8 percent less compared to the previous month.

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The average monthly price on the intraday market fell by 42 percent in January, from 251.4 euros per MWh in December to 144.87 euros per MWh.

The volume of trade on CROPEX IDM increased by nearly 50 percent compared to the previous month, from 110,496 MWh to 164,245 MWh in January, which represents a record volume in the intraday operation of the Croatian market, according to the monthly report.

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