June 21, 2024
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Croatia: CROPEX launched 15-min Products on Intraday Market 

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Croatian Power Exchange (CROPEX) announced the introduction of 15-minute products on the Intraday Market, along with an upgraded resolution to support trading of these products on the Croatian-Slovenian and Croatian-Hungarian borders, with planned go-live in January 2024.

This significant development marks a major milestone in CROPEX’s ongoing efforts to enhance market efficiency and provide more flexibility to market participants, CROPEX said in a statement.

The introduction of 15-minute products on the Intraday Market is a response to the growing demand for shorter trading periods, enabling participants to react swiftly to market changes and optimize their power portfolio management. This new offering will allow market participants to trade electricity contracts with a delivery period as short as 15 minutes, thereby providing more granularity and responsiveness to real-time market dynamics.

To support the introduction of 15-minute products, TSO plan to implement an upgraded resolution on the Croatian-Slovenian and Croatian-Hungarian borders. The enhanced resolution ensures a seamless and efficient exchange of electricity across these borders within the shorter trading period. By optimizing the resolution, CROPEX aims to facilitate increased cross-border trading and foster stronger regional electricity markets, promoting economic growth and stability in the region.

In light of these developments, Mr. Ante Mikulić, CEO of CROPEX, emphasized the importance of the introduction of shorter trading periods, stating, “The launch of 15-minute products on the Intraday Market represents a significant step forward for CROPEX and the entire energy industry. This innovation aligns with our commitment to creating a more dynamic and flexible marketplace, empowering participants with increased trading opportunities and risk management capabilities and answering to the needed infrastructure to enable green transition.


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