June 15, 2024
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Considerable investments in improving energy efficiency of buildings

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Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic today stated that the Environmental Protection Fund has a RSD 5 billion fund and that one of the more important items to be financed in 2012 is improvement of energy efficiency of facilities.
Dulic told Beta news agency that investing in energy efficiency will help the construction industry as well as enable individuals and institutions to procure windows and insulation materials for buildings.

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The Minister recalled that the Environmental Protection Fund subsidises the recycling industry, finances the collection, transport and processing of separate waste streams, adding that it will also finance green construction projects.

A large portion of revenues of the Environmental Protection Fund in 2011 came from taxes paid by polluters, as well as from the environmental tax paid when products which later become waste are released in circulation.

These revenues were used to finance the construction of recycling centres, for the

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