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Cedef Conference Introduction of EU funds and regional funds, release of the „Guide for Financing EE and RE projects”

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Introduction of EU funds and regional funds, release of the „Guide for Financing EE and RE projects” 

Friday, September 16th 2011 – 10:00h at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Second International forum „Sources of Finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Serbia” is a platform aimed at fostering EE and RE projects, whereby professionals from state institutions and funds, international organizations for development, financial institutions and commercial banks lay out their conditions for the financing of projects. Forum is being organized by Central European Development Forum – CEDEF in cooperation with the Ministry for Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce . 

For the first time, at the Forum, the „Guide for the financing of EE and RE projects” will be presented. This guide contains useful informations for local municipalities, industries, small and middle-sized enterprises and domestic households about the available sources and requirements implied in the financing of EE and RE projects. The aim of this publication is to encourage as many investors as possible to get involved in these projects, allowing them an easy access to every source of financing through the data gathered in the document.

The strongest impetus to a faster realization of EE and RE projects certainly consists in the subsidies and various other financial backings emanating from states or financial organizations / institutions. The new legislation implemented in Serbia plans to create a state-owned Fund for Energy Efficiency. Alongside the fund, which will monitor EE and RE projects on a more local scale for both industry and households, one may find various other sources of financing in Serbia which will all be presented during the Forum.

More than 200 participants will take part in the Second International forum for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, and get a unique opportunity to discuss in four panels with the following main topics:

  • Presentation of the funds of the Republic of Serbia for financing EE and RES projects
  • Examples of good practice from EU countries and regions
  • International development organizations and projects implemented by leading companies
  • Credit lines of development and commercial banks

For more information and registration please visit www.cedeforum.org. Registration is free.


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