June 21, 2024
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Bulgaria, Ministry of Energy will not submit a proposal for doubling electricity prices for residential consumers

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The caretaker Government is adamant that it will not have residential consumers enter the free electricity market. Bulgaria is the third net exporter of electricity in Europe and its citizens will not be allowed to be burdened with unaffordable electricity bills, the statement from the Ministry reads.

Every effort is being made to maintain and reduce gas prices, which will prevent an increase in the price of heating from 1 January 2023. In this way, the aim is to avoid overloading the energy and electricity transmission system during the heating season. In case of unforeseen situations and a new increase in the price of gas, mechanisms will be sought to compensate consumers.

The politicization of the topic is not in the interest of Bulgarian citizens and businesses. The Energy Ministry is working on various estimates and anti- crisis options, which it is ready to present to the National Assembly for discussion and decision, and expressed the hope that the draft budget and the proposed measures for consumer compensation and stabilization of the energy system will not become hostage to an election race, the statement reads.

Earlier this week, representatives of the Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy protested against household consumers entering the free energy market. According to the protesters, the Government is trying to shift the burden of an artificially created and speculative energy crisis onto the citizens. According to them, Bulgaria still has very good energy capacities, with cheap electricity provided by nuclear power plant Kozloduy and coal-fired TPP Maritsa East 2.


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