June 21, 2024
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Bulgaria: ICGB to hold auctions for IGB capacity on July 3

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ICGB, the independent transmission system operator of the Greece-Bulgaria natural gas interconnector (IGB pipeline), announced that it will hold auctions for available capacity on the pipeline on July 3. The auctions will take place on two booking platforms and annual capacity will be offered for the first gas year.

With the under-construction liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Alexandroupoli in northern Greece set to be connected to the IGB pipeline at the interconnection point with Greek national operator DESFA, ICGB must provide all potential users with an equal opportunity to book capacity and take full advantage of the synergies between the two gas facilities.

The available non-exempted capacity for the interconnection points at Komotini in Greece with the transmission system operator of the Trans-Adriatic (TAP) pipeline and Greek national operator DESFA will be auctioned on the PRISMA booking platform, while available capacity for the interconnection at Stara Zagora in Bulgaria with Bulgartransgaz will be offered through the Regional Booking Platform (RBP). The interconnection’s exempted capacity is reserved for volumes of natural gas from Azerbaijan.

The gas pipeline operates at a capacity of 3 billion cubic meters per year, but could reach 5 billion cubic meters per year depending on market interest. Since its commissioning in October 2022, the IGB pipeline has ensured the flow of over 11.5 million MWh or more than 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas northward to Bulgaria and through existing infrastructure to other countries.


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