June 23, 2024
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Bulgaria: Bulgariatransgaz signed two agreements for the construction of the Vertical Gas Corridor

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Bulgaria has signed two contracts to start the construction of a Vertical Gas Corridor in its territory. With the signing of the documents, the design and construction of a part of the network will begin, namely the Kulata-Kresna and Rupcha-Vetrino circuits. 

The Bulgarian section of the Vertical Corridor is intended to guarantee an increase in the transport capacity of natural gas from Greece to Bulgaria and from there to Romania. 

The Vertical Corridor is a joint initiative of operators from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Moldova. The goal is to improve security and diversify sources and routes for transferring quantities of gas extracted in Azerbaijan. The contracts were signed by transmission network operator Bulgartransgaz and designated contractors.

At the end of May, Bulgartransgaz closed the procurement procedure for structural planning, investment design, supply of necessary materials and equipment, and construction and commissioning of new facilities for the expansion of the transport infrastructure gas transportation. 

The contracts are respectively with the contractors Hill International – GBS 1 and Hill International – GBS 3, consortia in which Bulgarian and US companies participate. 

The value of the project is 485 million Bulgarian levs (248 million euros). First of all, the connection with Greece will be expanded, to allow the transport of 4,5 billion cubic meters more per day than today. Subsequently, the part of gas transport in northern Bulgaria will be extended, to reach 30 billion cubic meters per day towards Romania. 

The expected date for the commissioning of the structure is January 2026, but the goal of the Bulgarian authorities is to complete the works a year earlier.


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