June 22, 2024
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Belgium's Electrawinds company Energo Zelena builds slaughterhouse waste treatment plant in Indjija

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Energo Zelena, the company owned by Belgium’s Electrawinds, announced today that it was going to start the construction of a slaughterhouse waste treatment and technical fat production plant in Indjija.

The plant worth EUR 21 million should be put in operation in mid-2012 and it will be the first of the kind in Serbia, meeting all the standards of the European Union (EU), reads the company’s statement.

The plant will employ 100 people who will be processing 150,000 tonnes of meat waste per year. That waste cannot be used as a food for animals or people, but exclusively for industrial purposes.

People at Energo Zelena told Beta news agency that the plant in Indjija would be producing technical fat – the fuel for generation of “green” electricity – for Belgium during the first few years of operation. The estimates are that the annual exports will be worth about EUR 20 million.

After Serbia becomes a member of the European Electricity Exchange System in 2015, the plant in Indjija will be able to sell its products to the domestic market as well.

Energo Zelena will transport waste from slaughterhouses and meat-packing companies by itself. All transport and treatment activities will be in line with the EU standards, meaning that no water, air and land will be polluted.

Majority owner of Energo Zelena is the green energy company Electrawinds, which has three biomass power plants in Belgium, with the total capacity of 54 megawatts. In these plants, animal and vegetable fat and waste are turned into “green” energy.


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