June 15, 2024
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Austrians and Slovenians are building mini hydroelectric power stations in Republika Srpska

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The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Aleksandar Dzombic signed an agreement on cooperation about building mini hydroelectric power stations project in Wednesday with the representatives of Austrian company KI – Kelag International and Slovenian company Interenergo.

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Dzombic said to the press that KI – Kelag, which also owns Interenergo, is interested in investing in Republika Srpska, which has potential for investments.

‘We have got a partner, who is owned by the province of Koruska and German RV company and who has great experience and knowledge in this area, whose annual revenue is about € 1.5 billion with the profit of € 110 million, and who also owns hydroelectric power stations in several countries in the region’ , said Dzombic.

He emphasized that Ki – Kelag and Interenergo already realized concessions on three small hydroelectric power stations – Novakovici, Zapece and Medna, with total power of about 10 megawatts and total value of € 35 million. He also explained that the realization of the investments will begin at the end of this year and their finalization is expected at the end of the next year.

Dzombic said that there are negotiations in progress regarding the entry into the ownership structure of the project of Bistrica – one, two and three, where the Ki – Kelag will take the leader position and continue investing relying on their knowledge and technology. Total installed capacity of these mini hydro power plants is 40 megawatts, and the value of the investment is about € 66 million.

According to Dzombic, the investment should be finished in the next two years.

Dzombic highlighted the fact that he will collaborate with this company on building hydroelectric power stations on other locations where mutual interest will be achieved.

Minister of Industry, Energy and Development of RS Zeljko Kovacevic emphasized that signing the agreement will bring a very good relationship with one of the leading European companies in generating and selling electric power and also exploring hydro-power potential.

According to him, this company will contribute to better usage of hydro energetic potential in RS due to its research.

Member of the Board of “KI – Kelag” Armin Wiersma said that they are “green company” whose entire production is based on renewable energy sources and which has 64 power plants of total capacity greater than 1 000 megawatts.

Reminding the EU energy policy by which the participation of renewable sources of energy should be increasing, he highlighted the fact that investments in renewable energy are top priority of the company, and he will therefore invest in water-power of RS.





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