June 23, 2024
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Albania, State is planning two more interconnectors

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The Albanian Energy Regulatory Agency (ERE) announced that preparations for the reconstruction of the 220 kV interconnection with Montenegro are under way, but that another 110 kV transmission line should connect the two countries. Also, a special project for a 110 kV transmission line with Kosovo is being developed.

Albania and Northern Macedonia are building their first electricity link, a 400 kV overhead transmission line between Bitola and Elbasan, as part of Regional Corridor 8. Recognizing the need to increase transmission capacity, Albania’s Energy Regulatory Agency (ERE) said in its annual report that it plans to build another 110 kV interconnector with Kosovo and Montenegro.

The existing 220 kV transmission line between Wow and Deyes in Albania and the Montenegrin capital Podgorica, 278 MVA, was built in 1972 and needs to be reconstructed, the regulator said. Numerous initiatives for renewable energy projects in northern and northeastern Albania have been pointed out, requiring more reliable, higher-capacity interconnectors.

ERE announced that a 110 kV transmission line should be built from Velipoje in Albania to the Montenegrin coastal town of Ulcinj near the border. The project is at an early stage and it is necessary to establish cooperation with the authorities in the neighboring country.

The part of the interconnector on the Albanian side should be eight kilometers long. According to the ERE, the border area has the potential to use wind energy.

Another planned 110 kV overhead transmission line should connect the substations in Bajram Curi and Kukes on the Albanian side with neighboring areas in Kosovo, according to ERE.

The first 400 kV interconnector was completed in 2016, but it was put into operation only in 2020, which paved the way for the establishment of a joint stock exchange. The project is worth 70 million euros.

Source: monitor.al


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