June 21, 2024
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Albania, ALPEX will be provided by a consortium of three Greek companies

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A digital trading platform for the day-ahead and intraday markets for future Albanian electricity exchange (ALPEX) will be provided by a
consortium of three Greek companies.

The three companies in question are Hellenic Energy Exchange (HEnEx), EnExClear (the clearing house for HEnEx) and the Athens Stock Exchange. The consortium’s offer worth 1.83 million euros was selected as best at the tender launched last summer.

The winning consortium will ensure the establishment of day-ahead and intraday markets of the Albanian Electricity Exchange, as well as the coupling of Albania’s and Kosovo’s electricity markets.

It is expected that the contract will be signed in February, which means that Albania will have its electricity exchange operational by November, with two additional months needed for AlbaniaKosovo market coupling. The process of establishing ALPEX began in March 2020, when the Albanian government announced a tender for companies interested in becoming shareholders. After the temporary suspension of the tender in April due to the coronavirus pandemic, the shareholders of the future energy exchange – the transmission system operators of Albania and Kosovo – were elected at the end of June.

ALPEX was established in October last year by Albanian electricity transmission system operator OST and its Kosovo’s peer KOSTT. Following the agreement on the establishment of the electricity exchange, the Energy Community Secretariat announced that ALPEX will have to procure day ahead market management (DAM) services and market coupling after its establishment and consolidation.


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